old fashioned cupid with flowers

Vintage clipart of an angelic cupid with a basket of flowers.

Christmas Angel

This old fashioned image has a lovely Christmas theme, it shows a beautiful angel holding ivy with bells.

victorian boy angel

An old fashioned image of a young boy angel sitting in the moons crescent.

Angelic Victorian

This is such a beautiful image, so soft and romantic!

a classic image

A beautiful picture of an classic angel.


Victorian cherub.

dark haired victorian cherub

Another Victorian cherub, I think these graphics are both from antique greeting cards.

praying cherubim

Young cherubim kneeling.

angelic children

Two angelic children, I think this image is from an old Victorian greeting card.

playing a harp

Another classic Victorian style angel, this one she's playing a harp.

rennaisance angel picture

A renaissance image of an angel carrying a baby.


A Seraphim in blue robes blowing a horn.

beautiful flowing gown

I absolutely love this angels dress!

Victorian cherub

A very small image of a cherub.

angel of peace

Angelic woman in white robes carrying a bouquet of peace lilies.