angel feather

A tiny image of an angel feather.


Stone angel weeping.

bird in robe

This one is pretty interesting, notice the colorful bird in the lower half of her robes.

old fashioned angel clip art

Victorian style angel in a night sky surrounded by softly glowing stars.

Roman angels

Romantic angels holding each other tight as they float in the night sky.

1950s angel

This tiny image of an angel looks like it's inspired by fashion from the 1950s, the dress reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

animated cupid

Small animation of a cupid blowing a heart kiss.

purple fairy angel

A more modern angel image.

angel with flowers

An angel in white robes picking flowers.

angel flying

Tiny animated anime style angel.

rosebud angel

Small animation of a baby angel with a rose.

modern day angel image

A bit more modern version of an angel woman, this image looks best on a dark background.