Cool dude

Cool cat with sunglasses.

So that's where kittens come from ;)

A box of free kittens falling from the sky with a parachute.

orange cat ready for dinner

Animated gif showing a cat ready to eat goldfish.

small panther animation

A tiny animation of a running cat.

Hang in there

Animation of the famous "Hang in there" kitten.

Love cats

Felines in love... The Love cats ;)

black cat at food dish

Animated black cat at it's food dish.

winking kitty

A cute image of a grey kitty winking.

kitten playing

Playing with yarn.

animated orange cat

Running orange cartoon cat.

tom and jerry

Tom and Jerry from the famous cartoons.

feline love

Two kitties in love on a fence gazing at the moon.

cat in the rain

Animated gif of a cat in the rain with an umbrella.

cat animation

Animation of a happy, energetic striped cat.

Patch cat

This one looks like a curious cat tore though the screen and is peeking playfully at the viewer.

spotted cat

A small animation of a spotted cat. (If you missed the animation, wait a bit, the loop is very long.)

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