spotted leopard

Here's a cute cartoon of a spotted leopard. This graphic is available as a scalable vector graphic as well.

Download the zip for the SVG and larger png.
leopards can change their spots ;)

Cartoon of a leopard changing his spots.


This one is the face of a cougar, although I once knew a house cat with a face very similar.


The face of a panther staring a person down. Beautiful, but I'm glad it isn't me it wants for lunch!

resting in a tree

And two more graphics of leopards, this one lounging on a tree branch...

large leopard out hunting

and another that might be on the prowl.


This picture of a jaguar is available as an SVG if you need a large version or for print.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Leopard Laughing

A small animation of a spotted leopard laughing.

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