Lion Playing Guitar

This little animation of the king of the jungle playing a guitar is so cute!

Cute Animated Lion

Another really cute animation, maybe this guy is listening to the guitarist to the left ;)

black and white lion

Black and white lion clipart from a pencil drawing, the detail of the mane (the whole picture actually) is amazing!

small clipart of a lion

A small picture of a lion.


Small animation of a resting lion.

lazing around

The males are said to be lazy, this one is certainly laid back, just relaxing smoking a pipe.

Growling Lion Animation

This animated lion is either yawning or growling... could be either one.


A close up view of a lionesses face.

Lion Cartoon

This cartoon style lion looks a bit annoyed.


A very large, stylized image, the massive mane and bright blue eyes make this one look a bit fierce to me. It's also available as an SVG if you're looking for graphic for printing.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Lounging Lion

Another simple, but pretty picture of a male lion relaxing, taking it easy from the hot weather... or being lazy ;)

Male Lion

Here's another graphic available for download as an SVG which can be resized however massive or small you want and is perfect for print media.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Leo The Lion

This cute, glossy image of Leo the lion is also fairly large so you can resized it down to whatever size if you need.

Lion Animation

Another simple animation, in this one the lion is moving his tail, yawning, blinking and wiggling his ears... very cute!


A small gif showing a male lion with his mouth open, perhaps growling or on a hunt.

Male lion

A small, non-animated image of a lion roaring, or yawning.

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