Cute Snowgirl

Such a cute animation of a little snowgirl wearing a pink bow on her head and matching scarf and holding winter white flowers.

Snow Baby

An adorable little snowbaby wearing a santa had and sucking a soother while holding a red candle. I love the little heart buttons on his (or her) chest!

Snow Couple

This cute, cuddling snow couple warms my heart (but hopefully not theirs!).


Another cute animation of a little showman with a red button nose, wearing a red santa hat (with holy) and matching scarf that's blowing in the wind.

Snowman North Pole

The snowman in this animation looks so cool and confident hanging out in the north pole with an animated christmas tree behind him.

Snowman Surrounded By Snowflakes

With twigs for arms, coal for eyes and mouth, a carrot nose and twigs for arms, this stylish snowman is wearing his best top hat and red scarf.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.

Snowman holding a broom, wearing a blue top hat and red scarf.

Melting Snowman With Sign

Uh Oh! Spring must be arriving, this poor snow man's melting! You could add your own funny caption to the blank sign. This clipart is also available as a vector so it's great for print media.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Snowman Button Mouth

This is one of the best quality ones on this page (in my opinion), I love the green buttons for his mouth!

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Snoman Checking Mail

This snowman is checking his mailbox, maybe he's receiving holiday greetings in the mail!

Dancing Snowman Animation

This funny snowman has a huge carrot nose and is doing a silly dance while holding an old broom and wearing a blue and yellow toque or beanie, depending where he's from ;)

Frosty Renovating

Frosty getting ready to deck the halls.. looks like some major renovations for the holiday season!

Making Snowman

A simple but cute graphic of a kid building a snowman.

Snowman Fighting Rabit

This funny animation shows a snowman trying to get his carrot nose back from a rabbit!

Snowman Playing Guitar

I think this one is practicing his singing and banjo playing so he's ready to go Christmas caroling.

Snowball Fight

This kid sure is ready for the snowball fight! Plenty of snowballs and two snowmen protecting his snow fort!