Antique Christmas Card

This is from an antique greeting card, it shows Santa Claus holding a candy cane and the message reads "Joy to your household and peace to your heart."

Another vintage card

A Nativity scene from a vintage card that says "As the wise men came bearing precious gifts ~ so does this card bear to you my loving Christmas greeting".

Italian religious greeting

A victorian greeting card showing Mary, baby Jesus and two baby angels playing music, written on it is Buon Natale.

Victorian Christmas greeting card

Santa Claus with a big bag of gifts, the card says "Christmas Greetings" It shows December 25, I just wish it said what year!

Is it just me or is this a bit creepy?

Two small children pinning holly up to decorate for the holidays while Santa secretly watches. Written on it is "A Joyful Christmas".

Vintage animation

This vintage image shows a winter scene of a young girl dressed in red holding a brown rabbit.

little girl with stuffed bear

This vintage, and now animated clipart shows a young girl with her teddy bear and a toy lamb. It says "My Christmas Greeting that all my best wishes for you come true".

Animated Victorian card

"A kindly word and a cheery rhyme, to wish you a happy Christmas time". The little girl is wearing such a cute old fashioned outfit!

Kids with a sleigh

Victorian children playing with a sled.

Victorian girl greeting

Similar to the last clipart, this one shows a little girl dressed in Holiday costumes. Also light animation over the image.

victorian christmas clipart young girl in snow

Young girl in snow wearing a cute green outfit.

Victorian boy greeting card

Framed Victorian greeting card with a little boy dressed in his Holiday best. Lightly animated with sparkling stars.

Decorated tree

Old fashioned victorian christmas tree with lots of decorations and presents beneath.

old fashioned santa clause image

Old fashioned Santa.

So many presents!

Victorian clipart of Santa Claus carrying a bag overflowing with gifts.