Open Easter egg

Animation of an Easter egg popping open with a baby chick hatching.

Easter egg basket

Pastel Easter egg basket.

Bright Easter eggs

Brightly decorated Easter eggs.

Happy Easter rabbit

This small animation shows a grey bunny writing Happy Easter on a very large egg.

Chocolate Egg

A delicious looking chocolate egg, yummy!

Pastel Easter eggs

Pastel Easter eggs with lightly colored bows.

3 eggs

Here's a large, transparent png of three colorfully decorated Easter eggs.

I'd hate to see where that egg came from!

Cartoon of a man carrying an huge painted egg. I'd hate to see what laid that one!

Christian Easter egg

Beautiful clipart of an Easter egg with a religious theme.

Pink, purple and peach

Pastel eggs hiding in the grass.

with a butterfly

Painted eggs hiding in the grass with a cute butterfly perched on top.

Easter basket

Four colorful Easter eggs in a wicker basket with a red and yellow polka-dotted bow.

spring pastel painted eggs

Spring pastel painted eggs.

spring flowers sprouting from a shell

Tulips growing out of a painted eggshell.

painted eggs and a baby chicken

A pile of Easter eggs and an adorable baby chick in a purple bonnet.

2 rabbits writing Happy Easter

Two adorable bunnies painting an egg and writing Happy Easter!