Small image of a sacred cat from Egypt.

eye of horus animation

A small, animated Eye of Horus (The animation only runs once, so refresh the page if you missed it).

Egyptian scarab

In ancient Egypt the sacred scarab and Khepri (the god of the rising sun) were often linked, this small image shows the beetle holding the sun to represent the God.

little scarab

Another small scarab, this one has wings.

Egyptian scenery

A small animation of Egyptian scenery, pyramids, palm trees and a man riding a camel.

Egyptian Pharoh

Stone carving of an ancient Egyptian Pharoh.

Pharoh Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen, probably them most well known Egyptian Pharaoh.


Photograph of a large gold scarab from ancient Egypt.

pharoh tutankhamun king tut

Pharoh Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut.

eye of Horus in hieroglyphs

The eye of Horus in hieroglyphs, animated.

silver horus eye

The eye of Horus in silver.

Isis border

This is a great looking bordered background with a beautiful image of Isis!