fairy tale god mother

A collection of fairies wouldn't be complete without a few images of fairy godmothers... This one, a fairy godmother wearing green and holding a magic wand.

another fairy god-mother

and this one, a fairy godmother clad in blue

fairy on the moon

One of the mystical fairy folk lounging in the moons crescent.

on a glittering magic wand

A tiny fairy on the back of a dragonfly on a glittery magic wand.

faery with butterfly wings

A fairy with multi-colored, pastel butterfly wings.

fairy child

Young girl with flowers and translucent wings.

magic dust

An animated bag of magic fairy dust.

blown kisses

A more modern style, this fairy is blowing heart kisses.


Anime animated image.

ballet costume and wings

Young girl in a ballet tutu, with a magic wand and transparent wings.


Here's Peter Pans little friend, Tinkerbell, one of the most famous fairies of all.

faerie cartoon

Fairy with dragonfly wings.

Elven fey

Elfish fairy wearing green, her wings remind me of clover for some reason.

angel fairy

Angel / fairy with a translucent gown

with butterlies

Fairy playing with butterflies.

absinthe fairy?

Beautiful green fairy, looks a bit like one of the fairies in old absinthe ads.