Here's a small image of a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

happy birthday fortune cookie

Animated fortune cookie that says "Happy Birthday".

Cookies Made With Love

This little animation shows a plate of cookies baked with love, very cute!

Milk And Cookies

A carton of milk and a bag of chocolate chip (or raison) cookies, ingredients for a delicious snack!

Cold Desserts

Gelato or Icecream Cone

To me this looks more like a lime gelato, but it could also be pistachio ice cream.. either way, yum!

Icecream Popsickle

Vanilla ice cream popsicle coated with chocolate.

ice cream cone

Ice cream cone with 2 scoops, drizzled with hot chocolate fudge.

banana split

Banana split ice cream sunday.

icecream cone

Strawberry or cherry ice cream cone.


Strawberry ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.

Animated Icecream Cone

Here's a cute little animation of an ice cream cone slowly melting. The green ice cream could be pistachio, lime or even a fruity gelato, sorbet or sherbet. Yummy!

Animated Ice Cream Cone

A cute animated gif of an ice cream cone wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses and sneakers.


colorful candy clipart

Colorful candy clipart.

jelly bean jar

Jar of brightly colored jelly beans that's been tipped over spilling the candies.

Candy In Wrapper

Lemon candy inside a plastic wrapper.


A large red and white swirled lollipop, a favorite candy of many kids!

Miscellaneous Sweets

baking supplies

Baking supplies ready to make tasty desserts.


A plain doughnut with chocolate icing and strawberry, cherry or raspberry glaze.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Jello mould Animation

A small animation of a plate with green jello jiggling on top.