red devil

A cute, fuzzy little red devil holding a pitchfork.

halloween mask

This mask could be used either for Halloween, or any costume party!


Devilish looking crossed red pitchforks. (This image looks best on dark backgrounds.)

Animated lightnening

Animated lightening flashing. (Keep watching, it's there).

scary graves gif

Spooky graveyard with hands reaching out from beyond the grave, this clipart also looks best on a dark or black background.

Eyes in the dark

A scary animation of eyes watching you in the dark.

Spooky red glowing eyes.

And in case that last graphic wasn't scary enough, here's a bunch of spooky eyes glowing red in the darkness of night.

Blessed Samhain

A small Blessed Samhain image with a white candle.

grey kitty on a broom

Animated gif of a grey cat riding a broomstick through the night sky.

moon animation

Animated full moon with clouds and bats streaking past.


A little animated image of Frankenstein's monster.

Seer bear

Teddy bear dressed up as a fortune teller.

black cat with glowing moon behind

A black cat in front of the full moon.

One of my favorite charactors!

Jack Skeleton animation, this one looks much nicer on a dark background.

bleeding black rose

This small animation of a bleeding black rose could be used as a page divider!

ghostly figure peeking in window

When the lightening flashes you get a quick glimpse of a scary man standing outside the window peeking in.