pumpkins on a white background

White background with little orange pumpkins.


A spooky gathering of ghosts on a dark background that tiles very nicely!


Go batty for Halloween with this light tiling background with flying bats.

black background with skeletons holding hands

This great Halloween background is black with skeletons holding hands, cute and spooky!

black background with skeletons holding hands

A bright orange tile with vibrant pumpkins. Could work for baking, cooking or Halloween.

ghostly spirits

Another background with translucent ghosts in the dark.

creepy faces

Very creepy faces.. it can't really be seen in the thumbnail above, but trust me.. it's creepy, click to view it in full size! *shudder*


A pile of broken skulls in the darkness of a crypt.

more skulls

Another background with skulls.


Bones, it's a bit geiger-esque.


This one has the distorted faces of tortured souls.


Dark purple spider webs and scary black spiders.