Sexy Red Headed Witch

This sexy red haired witch wearing a slinky purple dress while carrying a broom and cauldron has a fun, retro 1960's feel to it Reminds me a bit of the old TV show Bewitched.

Want the SVG and transparent png? Download this zip file.
Beautiful Witch

A very pretty, young witch with long red hair riding an old fashioned broom-stick in front of the full moon with her black cat.

Need a larger version? Download the zip file containing a scalable vector graphic and large png.
striped hat

A purple and black striped, pointy hat. High fashion for halloween witches and perhaps some goths ;).

Again, there's a .zip file with large png and svg.
Green faced witch

A cartoon graphic of a (friendly) green skinned old witch with a wart on her nose and wearing a pointy purple hat.

For larger versions, here's the zip file to download with a scalable vector graphic and large png.
Oh no you didnt! ;)

This sorceress looks a bit annoyed, perhaps ready to cast a spell and turn someone into a frog. It's also available as a SVG and a large transparent png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.

What's a story of witchcraft without a bubbling, boiling cauldron?

This one also has a .zip file with a larger png and a scalable vector graphic (SVG).
witch hat and broom

A pointy black witches hat and broom.

silly animation

This animated graphic shows an old dancing witch, doing a funny little jig :).

cartoon witch

A mean looking cartoon sorceress with a green face flying on a broomstick.

purple pointy hat

Large purple pointed hat with a small spider on it.

white witch

A large, old fashioned image of a good witch talking to children.

animation of fortune teller

Fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball, sees Halloween pumpkins and a waving skeleton.

Silhouete witch

Another silhouette of a flying witch against a full moon, this one in black and white.

Vintage Halloween Witch image

Vintage clipart showing a friendly witch and her black cat sitting in the crescent moon.

Green Witch animated gif

Animated green witch wearing a dark green robe and pointy hat with stars.

Little Witch

An adorable little girl dressed up as a witch for her Halloween costume, complete with broomstick, witchy hat and a carved pumpkin. Very cute!