African Drum

This large image of an african drum is available as both png and a SVG (Scalable vector Graphic).

Download the zip for the vector.

Here's a beautifully drawn image of a large Japanese drum or a taiko.

Want the vector? Download the zip.
Indian drums

A pair of Tabla drums (they're also pretty similar to bongos) from India.

blue drum kit

A large image of a bright blue drum kit complete with cymbals.

red drummer set

Small clipart of a red drumkit.

monster drummer

This small but fun animation shows a monster marching (or maybe just dancing) to the beat of his own drum!

smaller drum

A smaller drum, looks like it could be the type used in marching bands. A snare drum maybe?

monster banging skulls

Another monster, this one beating out a rhythm on a set of skulls :)