Clock At Midnight

This small animation shows a clock with a cute face and the hands at midnight wearing a party hat.

animation of party animals

Animated party animals.

page seperator

Animated, "Happy New Year" page divider.

couple celebrating together

A happy couple joining in the celebrations.

Happy New Year

A simple sign that says "Happy New Year" and decorated with streamers

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Baby Ringing In New Year

Here's a cute animation of the baby new year wearing a top hat and ringing a bell to ring in the new year.

New Year Frog

Even frogs can be party animals, this guy is lounging in a glass of champagne, blowing a noisemaker.

Shiny Red New Year

Here's a sparkly, red "Happy New Year" sign.

Wonderful New Year

"Wishing you a wonderful new year", in front of a very delicious looking cocktail.

Waving Nw Year Baby

The new year baby waving with a freshly painted "happy new year" written on the wall.

Animated Happy New Year

Another small, but pretty animation to say happy new year!

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