Kiss mark

Deep burgundy lipstick mark, perhaps left by kissing a letter.


Big happy smile with full, red lips.

Rolling Stones logo

Of course any page featuring clipart mouths would be incomplete without the famous Rolling Stone's logo :)

lipstick imprint

Another kiss mark left by lipstick.

blows kiss

Animated mouth with pink lipstick, blowing kisses.

full red lips

Even fuller, shiny red lips giving a huge kiss... smack!

tongue hanging out

Light pink mouth with the tongue sticking out.

false teeth animation

Small image of a set of dentures or teeth chattering.

kiss animation

Animated kiss on a black background.

biting lip

Tiny image of a person's mouth biting their lower lip.

Animation Chattering Teeth

This funny cartoon shows a pair of dentures laughing.



Tooth holding toothbrush

A cute animation of a tooth holding a toothbrush.

Womans Lips

A pretty woman's lips, slightly parted showing perfect white teeth.

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