Calico Jack Pirate Flag

Here's an actual flag used by a famous pirate named Calico Jack.

Thomas Tew

The flag is said to be that of Thomas Tew (also known as the Rhode Island Pirate) who first set sail across the high seas in 1692.

Blackbeard Flag

I'm sure you've heard of the infamous Blackbeard, this was the flag that flew on his ships mast.

Henry Every

This flag was flown from Henry Every (or Avery)'s fearsome pirate ship for many years before his retirement.

Pirate Flag Animation

Here's a small, animated pirate flag with skull and crossbones.

Jolly Roger Amimation

This one is a bit old and tattered, but it's a bit different from the rest so I'm putting it here in case someone wants this animation.

Animated Flag

This animated flag is pretty similar to the one flown by Calico Jack.

Pirate Flag

Last Jolly Roger for now, a typical skull and cross-bone flag (complete with eye patch).