Waiters and Waitresses


A pretty waitress in a very skimpy outfit carrying a cake.

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip file.

A funny image of a waiter holding a tray in one hand with the towel over his other arm.

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Waitress or maid

A silhouette of a waitress, or possibly a maid, in an old fashioned uniform.

waiter serving cake

Here's an animation of a waiter working very hard, carrying a huge 3 tier wedding cake.


A cute, red headed waitress holding a tray with pop, ice cream sundae and a float.

waiter serving coffee

Cartoon style waiter, perhaps working at a coffee shop or café, serving a frothy cup of cappuccino.

house specialties

Waiter holding a dinner tray and the words "Specialties of the House" swirled around.

posh meal at a restaurant

Black and white clipart of a couple from the 1920s at a fancy restaurant, sitting at the table with a waiter taking their order.



This image of a bartender mixing drinks is available as a vector graphic and a large png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
bartender serving exotic juices

Bartender serving exotic fruit juice at a tropical juice bar.