Throwing Ball

This is a hand drawn image of a player throwing the ball during a game.

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batters up!

Animation of a tiny baseball player running with a very large bat.

animated spinning baseball

Animation of spinning baseball.

batters up!

Catcher and umpire.

animation of baseball player

Animated bat swinging and hitting the ball.


Cartoon of a baseball player catching the ball.

baseball bat

Wooden baseball bat.

baseball player silhouette

Here's a small animated silhouette of baseball player.

baseball equipment

Animated baseball glove, bat and ball.

baseball glove

Baseball glove.


Another image of a baseball glove.

Girl Playing Ball Animation

A small animation of a young girl playing baseball.

Baseball Swing Animation

Animation of a man swinging the bat very hard to hit the ball out of the of the park.

Slide Catch

Animation of a boy sliding to catch the ball... you're out!

Boy Hitting

A small boy wearing a team uniform and helmut getting ready to hit the baseball.