Steam Train

A black and white image of an old fashioned steam train with a sailboat in the lake behind.


A large clipart image of a blue bicycle.

Milan Streetcar

A streetcar, this one's from Milan.

Driving Car

A smiling, waving man driving a car, it looks like he may be heading to a beach vacation.

Passenger Airplane

A large passenger jet airplane.


A small sailboat with the sails at full mast.

Red Bus

A big red bus with darkly tinted windows. Perhaps it's either for tourists traveling around, or for a celebrity!

Bicyclist Silhouette

Silhouette of a man riding a bicycle.


A old fashioned, horse drawn caravan, without the horses.

Woman Driving

A cartoon of a woman driving a pink, happy looking car.

Steam Locomotive

Small clipart of a steam locomotive.


Two kids wearing life jackets, out enjoying the waves in a small sailboat.