Girl In Love

This animation shows a pretty girl in love, blowing kisses with hearts floating in the background.

Happy Valentines Animated Note

A simple note that says "Happy Valentines Day" with a cute drawing of a butterfly in the bottom right corner.

happy valentines day beside a bouquet of flowers

"Happy Valentine's Day" beside a bouquet of flowers.


An animated sign that says "Hugs" in white bubble letters decorated with hearts.

Man In Love

Animated cartoon showing a man with wings (or angel?) that's very much in love.

Love letter sealed with a kiss

I think this is my favorite graphic on this page, an envelope sealed with a kiss.

happy valentines

Happy Valentines Day, written again inside red and white blocks.

I Love You Forever

Animated banner or page separator that says "I Love You Forever".

Love Bug

This cute picture could be a few things, "Bee Mine" or a love bug for example. Either way, it's adorable and available both as a large transparent png and a vector graphic.

Kissing Couple

A romantic silhouette of a couple in love, kissing in front of a red heart with the caption Happy Valentine.

Couple Romantic Dinner

A cute and silly animation of a couple out on a romantic dinner date entwining arms to drink champagne;

Blue Bird Valentine

A little blue bird holding a pink heart shaped balloon that says "Happy Valentines Day".