These tips were written way back when it was safe to put your email address on a website. (Aahh, thinking of when the Net was still mostly innocent). Now I really wouldn't suggest using these at all. They are however still listed for those curious to see how it is done, or brave enough to battle the spam bots.

What are spam bots you ask? Well they are nasty email harvester bots that crawl the web looking for unprotected email addresses. Lovely huh :-S

Fill out the subject in email from your site.

This is a handy way to organize your incoming email, it's could also be fun to decide what they'll say to you ;-)

OK, here's how you do this just add: ?subject=whatever you want inside your email tag, like this:

<a href=" love your site!">email me</a>

Fill out the body of an email for your visitors.

Yes, this can be used as a fast and easy alternative to the Tell a Friend scripts. The body will be filled in for them, and it allows them to fill in the recipients email address.

Here's how you do it, just change the subject and body to whatever you'd like:

<a href="mailto:?&, I thought you might be interested in this site:">Tell a friend about us!</a>