blonde angel

This cute clipart of a little blonde angel girl is available in a few different formats, the vector, a jpg with a blue background and a png with an alpha transparent background.

Download the zip for all available versions.
Black serabim praying

Here's a happy, African American angel praying while flying and surrounded by stars.

cherubim in white robes

Here's a cartoon of a blonde angel wearing white robes.

Download the zip for the vector graphic.
angel playing violin

Victorian angel playing violin.

Victorian cherub

Small, victorian cherub clipart.


A small image of Cupid shooting an arrow into the hearts of future lovers.

3d angel pumkin

An image of an angelic pumpkin =)

black baby angel

Young baby angel with a teddy bear.

vintage cupid clipart

Beautiful, old fashioned clipart of cupid with flowers and a tiny butterfly.

Christmas Angel

This old fashioned image is great for Christmas since it shows her holding ivy with bells.

Angel and dove

A very cute animation of a small blonde angelic child with a dove flying around her.

angelic wings

Soft glowing image of angel wings peeking out of a cloud.