Elf House

This animated house inside a tree stump looks like it has a party inside.

Gnome House

Another animation, this one has a little gnome or elf popping out from his house.

Pan Playing Flute

Here's a small image of Pan playing his flute.

Genie Lamp

Make a wish with this genie lamp!


A picture of a giant holding a man in his hand.


A one eyed Cyclops sitting down and looking mean.


Cute little purple / blue troll.

Girl Riding Mouse

A tiny woman riding a mouse (or a very large rat!)


A large image of a troll or monster of some kind.

Phoenix in flight

This could be any bird really but I've added it to the fantasy clipart page in case you need an graphic of a colorful, flying phoenix.

Chrystal Ball

Gaze into the crystal ball and you may see the future. :)