Smiling Gold Star

This image of a smiling gold star is available as both a scalable vector image and a transparent png so it's perfect for print!

Want the vector version? Download the zip for the scalable vector files and transparent png.

A fireball or comet streaking across the night sky.

Want the vector version? Download the zip.
Shooting Star

Another shooting star, this one a bit more cartoon styled and bright yellow.

Want the vector version? Download the zip.
Blue Star

A blue shooting star with a friendly smile.

Want the vector version? Download the zip.
large yellow star image

Large, 5 pointed, gold star with a dark shadow.


Classic starburst with 8 points.

happy cartoon stars

Here's a small image of 3 smiling cartoon stars.

beautiful outlines

A small cluster of star outlines in green.

light colors

A small group of 5 soft pastel colored stars.

fading star

This image is hard to describe, it's almost like a blue shooing star but not quite. Very pretty though!

milky way

Here's a very little image you could use to divide a page that's related to space, or anywhere a tiny burst of stars would suit.

shooting stars

Four gold and yellow shooting stars with tails.

3d Star

This is a fairly large image of a vibrant yellow, five pointed star with 3d effects. This one reminds me of the stickers kids receive for good behavior or grades.

pagan star

Pagan inspired star.

red star

Large red star with a drop shadow.

colorful shooting stars or comets

Multi-color shooting stars.