Happy Valentines Day

This is such a pretty animation, with the pink hearts, arrows, swirls surrounding the words "Happy Valentines Day"

kissing couple

Silhouette of a couple kissing in front of a red heart.

Victorian - first kiss

Vintage clipart of a first kiss.

Valentine card

Small image of a Valentine's day greeting card.

Romantic snow couple

A cute snow couple, very much in love, holding a big pink heart.

Love Letter

A heart shaped love letter inside a pink envelope, very pretty!

Download the zip file for the scalable vector version.
Animated Valentine

This Valentine clipart hits on a bunch of romantic themes... a heart surrounded by lace, soft ribbons, a pink rose and a small blue bird wishing your sweetheart a 'Happy Valentine's Day'.

wine glass animation

Animated wine glasses that says "Happy Valentine's Day".

Couple in love

Cartoon of a couple on Valentine's Day.

red heart with lace

Victorian style image of a little girl sitting on a heart.

I Love You

"I Love You" animation.


Animated kissing lips that says "Love You"

Mushrooms being mushy

Mushrooms being.. well, mushy in this animation of 2 mushrooms in love.

small angel with a valentines day heart

Small angel with a large Valentines day heart and a pink rose.

Betty Boop Valentine image

Small clipart of Betty Boop sitting inside a Valentines heart and surrounded with red roses.

Be Mine valentine blocks

"Be Mine" valentine blocks.


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