Lets Party

Let's Party! This party scene shows silhouettes of people dancing.

Download the zip file for the full vector graphic.
Disco Dancers

Similar to the last image, this one has a retro 1970s feel to it, so if you're looking for a disco party image, this is the one!

Download the zip file for the SVG version.
Party Animal

A large green monster wearing a silly festive hat... a party animal?

Download the zip file for the vector file.
colorful Mask

Here's an image of a very pretty costume party mask full of swirling color and a star and moon.

This zip file has a high resolution vector image (SVG) for print media.
Champagne and Balloons

A bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket with colorful helium balloons, confetti and streamers floating in the background.

Download the zip file for the vector graphic.
Boy With Noisemaker

Animation of a little boy blowing a very long noisemaker.

party hats

Two party hats with ribbons and confetti.

You're invited

Animated confetti and streamers flowing over the words "You're Invited".

party hat

A fun, polka-dotted party hat.

Paper Lanterns

Strings of paper lanterns and decorations in bright, festive colors.

Party Hat

Here's a larger image of a party hat with a horn / noise maker.

Party Kitty

A cat dressed up wearing a party hat and big pink bow holding a balloon.

Drunk Men at a bar

Three men drinking, looks like they've drank a lot!


A brightly colored table filled with champagne glasses, a bottle, cake and some fruit.


Often seen at children's birthday parties so I'll add it here, a large image of a clown.

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