Here's a nice, simple but very beautiful image that says Bio with plants growing out of the letters.

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.

A more dystopian image of what may happen if we don't take care of our planet, dying plants covered in an oil slick.

Looking for the vector version? Download the zip.
Earth Plant

Healthy, green plants growing out of planet earth, surrounded by rays of light.

Prefer the SVG version? Download the zip.
Eco Earth

A green arrow around the world symbolizing recycling, with health vegetation sprouting from the Earth.

Green Earth

A beautiful image of our home planet, the continents colored a lush green.

Love Earth

Love the Earth... a simple image of our planet in the shape of a heart.

Love Recycle

The green recycling arrows in the shape of a heart, for the love of recycling.

One Home

One Home... our planet is everyone's home, and our only home... so please take care of it.

Save The Earth

Save the earth. Again, a beautiful and straight to the point graphic about the importance of environmentalism.

Wind Mills

Windmills, an alternate source of power that is kinder to the environment.

Electric Car

A green, environmentally friendly, electric car.

Green Shopping Bag

Better than paper or plastic, this is a green, reusable shopping bag with a recycle symbol on it.

We Recycle - Blue Bin

The familiar (to many areas of the world) blue bin filled with recyclables (glass bottle, paper and cans) saved from polluting landfills and garbage piles.

Eco Friendly Product

A green "Eco Friendly Product" seal. This graphic is public domain and may be used on an ecommerce sites with green, earth friendly products!

Recycle - Save Earth

Our planet, Earth surrounded by the three green arrows that symbolize recycling.

Separating the trash

A cartoon of a woman happily separating the trash into separate bins for paper, glass and green waste.