white easter rabbit

White easter rabbit.

shy bunny holding a rose

Here's a very cute and shy bunny holding a rose.

easter eggs and a bunny

An Easter bunny surrounded by eggs and flowers.

rabbit with flower

A cute rabbit holding a yellow flower.

happy easter rabbit throwing flowers pastel colors

Happy easter rabbit throwing pastel color flowers.

Kitten in an Easter Basket

Kitten in an Easter Basket.

rabbit and baby chick

A small brown rabbit and a baby chick surrounded by spring flowers.


A whole basket filled with bunnies, the classic, almost old fashioned style will fit into a lot of Easter pages.

Animated brown bunny

Animation of a brown bunny grabbing a carrot.

Very cute!

This cute little white rabbit has a very big carrot decorated with flowers and a ribbon.

Present for squirel

Bunny giving a squirrel a nicely wrapped gift.

So that's where bunnies come from ;)

Hmm, the Easter rabbit hatching out of a blue egg.