party time

Little green alien that's ready to party.

alien or monster?

Another purple, slug like alien (or possibly just a monster) pointing to the left.

Alien face

Small alien face in the style most typically seen in movies.

female space creature

Pink martian with huge teeth and one big eye.

friendly space creature

Another friendly looking space creature, this one is green with antennas.

hitchhiking space traveler

Little yellow alien hitchhiker with a sign "Going my way.."


This one with flashing eyes looks best on a dark background.

alien spaceship

And a tiny green alien in a spaceship passing Earth.

peaceful alien

Bright green alien holding his (or her) hand in the peace sign, with saturn in the background.


An alien tourist, This one reminds me of the alien from the movie "Paul".

kind of creepy!

This one looks to me like the image of an alien from an old fuzzy TV show.