cartoon boxer

Cartoon of a boxer ready to fight in a boxing match.

extreme spots fan

A cartoon of an all around athlete, he has equipment for tennis, football, basketball and golf!

I think the solids won

Pool or snooker table.

extreme ab crunch

I think it's a yoga position.. ouch! That's one extreme ab crunch.

animated chearleaders

Animation of cheerleaders preforming a cheer for their favorite team.

one of the nicer bowling graphics I've found

Bowling ball knocking over pins.

guy in a rowboat

A person rowing a small boat.


Cartoon of a person on a bicycle.


A cute little animation of a man jumping up and down on a small trampoline.


A unicycle.

cue taking aim

Pool cue aiming a ball into the pocket.

Funny Surfing Animation

A funny animation of a large wave hitting a surfer while he poses by his board.

8 ball

The 8 ball from a game of pool.

Sumo Wrestlers

Two Japanese sumo wrestlers battling it out.


This animation shows lion practicing some karate kicks. He wears a yellow belt, so he's at the second level (Kyu).


A stylized logo, or picture, showing 3 runners created in geometric shapes and with the colors of the Olympics.


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