Passport Blue

Two passports, this one blue...

Red Passport

and a red passport.


A hand holding a syringe, it's here in case you need clipart about travel vaccinations.

Travellers With Bindle Sticks

Two vagabond travelers holding bindle sticks. (Yup, that's the name of a bandana on a stick seen in old movies held by kids running away and hobos.)


A simple image of a large, brown suitcase.

Wandering Backpacker

Silhouette of a hiker / backpacker holding a walking stick.


A large image of a GPS instrument.

Luggage Tag

Blank luggage tag.

Ticket and Sunglasses

A simple black and white graphic of tickets and a pair of sunglasses.


A black and white image of a small piece of carryon luggage.

Tourist Taking Photos

A female tourist taking pictures of a bridge.

Modern Compass

Here's a large image of a more modern compass.

Tourist Photo

Here's a very colorful cartoon of a tourist taking a photo with the natives in some far off country...

Tourist Photo 2

And another cartoon of a tourist photo with a bear in the background.


Brown leather bag.

Another animated compas

Here's a tiny little animations of a compass.