Vector graphic

If you're looking for an image for print, this one is available as both a vector and a large transparent png.

Turkey on platter

It looks like dinner is ready, and it's a feast with a full turkey on a plate with either some vegetables or maybe cranberries.

Cute Baby Turkey Animation

This picture of a baby is small but so adorable.


Trying to outsmart the people this Thanksgiving, this Turkey's wearing Groucho Marx glasses with a fake nose and mustache, he's also holding a sign that says "I'm not a turkey" in an attempt to avoid being dinner.

On the grill

"Hooray Thanksgiving", the celebration from a different perspective... these two dancing birds are roasting a person on a rotating grill instead.

Eat Fish

Thinking of going pescetarian? This bird would prefer if you did!

Pilgrim Turkey

This one's ready to celebrate thanksgiving! He looks quite stylish dressed up in his pilgrim hat and boots.

Running turkey animation

"Gotta run, it's turkey time. See Ya"

Thanksgiving Turkey

This animated picture shows a turkey popping out of a hat, wearing a formal tux and waving a banner that says "Happy Thanksgiving".

Turkey Holding a Blank Sign

You could have a lot of fun with this image, the sign is blank so you could fill in in and have the turkey say whatever you want.

Turkey Disguised As Pilgrim

Probably the most elaborate disguise of all, this turkey's dressed fully as a pilgrim.

Turkey Hiding

This one decided to hide in a pumpkin instead.

Ready To Eat

Ready for dinner, holding a knife and fork with a napkin wrapped around his neck.

Think Vegan

Think Vegan animation.

Colonial Pilgrim Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey wearing a pilgrims hat.

Animated Turkey

A male turkey with colorful feathers looking up and blinking. It looks to me like he's saying "Please don't eat me!".

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