Patriotic American kids

Country style clipart of American children standing behind a "One Nation Under God" sign.

vintage patriotic civil war drums

Old fashioned clipart of Civil war drum and banners.

bow with stars and stripes

A patriotic bow with the stars and stripes.

American eagle catroon

A cute bald eagle cartoon that has "God bless the USA" written on it.

patriotic watering can

Classic, country style clipart of a watering can with flowers and flags in it.

Uncle sam - We Want You

Uncle Sam, the iconic image in America during the war with the slogan "We want You".

Top Hat

A top hat that's stars and stripes design reminds me of the old Uncle Sam images.
There's also an SVG and larger png available.

Download the zip for the scalable vector files and transparent png.
American Eagle

An old fashioned style clipart of an American eagle holding arrows in its claw while standing on a shield decorated with the U.S. flag.

soldiers raising the flag

"God bless America" - United States Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jim.

usa stars and stripes

A single white star with a red border and three blue stripes trailing behind.

Stars Stripes Ribbon

Here's another image of a ribbon with 3 stars and stripes in red, white and blue.

Usa Map

A map of the United States of America showing the states. This is also available as a larger png image and a scalable vector version if you'd like to use this for print.

Download the zip for the scalable vector files and transparent png.