brushed steel

Brushed metal.


Black and white bricks.

copper background

Copper design with a money (?) symbol embedded in.

Crumpled paper

Crumpled paper.

binary background

Binary data, 0's and 1's


I'm not really sure, but the design on this background reminds me of a Native American design.


Silver skull and crossbones on a white background.

skull and crossbones

Same as the last, but now on a black background. Perfect for Goth or even a pirate themed website!

wrinkled paper

Salmon or peach colored paper that's slightly crinkled.


Purple checkerboard pattern.

marbled background

Black Marble.

colorful squares

More colorful squares.

lavender background

A softer, almost lilac colored texture.

celtic crosses

Celtic cross in deep dark purples.

red crosses

And the same background as the last but in rich reds.

red bubbles

Red bubbles.