waves of sound

Colorful, bubbly notes.

grey notes

Dark grey music note on a light grey background.

musical instruments

Violins and trumpets.

pewter notes on a blue background tile

Silver music notes on a blue background.

Pink notes

Pink music notes on a pink gingham pattern, very charming background!

waves of sound

Waves of sound... Grey music notes on a wavy staff, black background.

antique music staff

Music staff written on parchment for a vintage feel.

light colored music staff background

Subtle, simple musical background, pale staff on a light background.

light colored music staff background

This one is great, the main background is transparent, so you can set the color of your choice behind the background!

musical eyes

A stylized background of eyes and music notes.

dark gray notes

Simple background of grey musical notes. (Looks much better at full size!)