friends at the beach

Two teenagers hanging out at the beach getting ready to go surfing.

Funny Surfing Animation

A funny animation of a large wave hitting a surfer dude while he poses by his board on the beach.

beach umbrella

Another image of a beach umbrella.

water skiier

Water skier on the lake making large waves.


After a day playing on the beach, time to go sailing. Sailboats floating in the water at sunset.

Sand Dollar

Here's an image of a sand dollar,

Sand Dollars

and a larger image with two sand dollars.


A seashell.

another seashell

And another one.

Tropical Cabin

A perfect place for a tropical vacation perhaps... a small cabin right on the beach.

Line Of Seashells

A row of small seashells that you could use to divide content on your summer pages.

Beach Chair

Here's a very stylized graphic of a beach chair under an umbrella on a sunny day.