Summer Tree

This tree in the summer covered with green leaves has the corresponding version in each season for you to download as well as more trees here.

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Pool Sign

A pool sign, this image is available as a large transparent png and a scalable vector file so you can print it out in whatever size you want and hang it by your swimming pool.

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Sunny Field with a Flower

Here's a beautiful image of a green, grassy field with a bright yellow flower in the foreground and the sun shining brightly.

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Cooking outside on the BBQ (or Barbeque) is one of the best things about the great weather in the summer, here's an image if BBQ tools and a chef hat.

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Sun Wearing Sunglasses

Here's a beautiful, large image of a friendly looking sun wearing dark sunglasses. There's a bunch more sunny graphics here.

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Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Sun protection is very important during the height of this season, so here's a bottle of sun cream and shades.

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Here's a pair of green flipflops (or thongs, depending where you live), very popular footwear for the summer. These ones also have summery flowers and grass on them.

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Mosquito cartoon

Since not everything is always perfect, here's a mosquito... they come out in full force during the summer.

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A popular activity in the warm summer months, gardening. Here's an image of a woman tending to the plants in her garden.

beach trip

People in a car packed with items for some fun at the beach.

colorful shorts

Popular swimwear and casual clothing in the summertime, brightly colored shorts.

desktop fan

To keep cool when the temperatures get too hot, here's a desktop fan to cool the air.


A thermometer with the mercury rising, looks like the weather is getting very hot!


Here's a small image of a backpacker walking away, perhaps off to begin their big adventure around the world... or for a weekend camping trip.

Butterfly Spring Scene

Here's a cute, colorful spring or summer scene with beautiful flowers and a butterfly fluttering in the air.

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Watermelon, a tasty treat to beat the heat. There's more fruit clip art here.

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