Jiggly speach

This speech bubble and the next are both really cute, the borders are blue with jiggly patterns that could express talking about something excitedly.

Jiggly thoughts

This is the matching thought callout to the last one, they make a nice set I think.

Thoughts Of Love

This pink heart shaped thought bubble is perfect for thoughts of love and romance. Cute and romantic, might be a nice way to pin a note on a picture of you to send to your sweetie on Valentines or an anniversary.

Grungy Charcoal Speech Bubble

A simple cartoon style callout that looks like it's been drawn in charcoal. The main background is transparent, so it works well on any photo or well... anything you want!

Want the Scalable Vector? Download the zip.
Pencil Drawn Cartoon Callout

A large, rectangular cartoon callout with slightly rounded edges. The outline also looks drawn in pencil but is much cleaner, less cartoon grungy than some of the others so it would work for a bunch of different pictures.

Pencil Sketch Callout

Another pencil sketched voice bubble, again, quite versatile!

Thought Bubble Cloud

Have your head in the clouds? This bubbly, fluffy thought bubble is one of my personal favorites and reminds me of time spent happily daydreaming.

Ice Cold

With the icicles dripping from this one it could either represent being cold (perhaps on a picture of someone during winter) or even an icy cold comment said in anger.

Angry, Spiky Words

Seeing red? This jagged edged callout would be perfect when someone is angry.

Round Thought

A simple black and white, round cartoon callout with a slight drop shadow.

Round Speech Bubble

This callout matches the last one, so it makes a nice set!

Blue Talk Bubble

This talk blue gradient talk bubble is less cartoony than the rest and it might be suitable for a more serious business... or for fun :)