Pink Lotus

A pink lotus flower...


A lotus with peach / coral / pale orange petals...

Lotus White

And a white lotus. The petals on this image are transparent, so if you're using it on anything other than a white background you may need to edit the picture first.

Pink Apple Blossom

A single, delicate, pale pink apple blossom.

Potted Flowers

Cartoon style image of two flowers, one with pink petals, the other with blue.


This pretty white flower is called a snowdrop.

Strawberry Blossom

Pretty white strawberry blossoms.

Water Lily

White water lily.

White Lily

White peace lily.

yellow flowers

Orange flowers with a butterfly.

butterfly and flowers

Old fashioned flowers on a tree (perhaps fruit buds?) with a butterfly.

antique looking white flower clipart

This is a very pretty antique (Victorian era I think) floral image.

peach roses

Peach colored roses tied with a matching ribbon.

spring flowers

Bees hovering around spring flowers.

fall flowers

Autumn blooms.

blue floral bouquet

Bouquet of blue flowers.

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