A cute cartoon of a little boy raking the grass.

old woman weeding a garden

Cartoon of a woman having troubles pulling a very large weed from her garden.


Man hoeing the garden.

Picking Fruit

A small animation of people picking fruit from the trees at harvest time.

Watering Plants

A funny picture of a woman trying to water the carrots in her vegetable garden.

Watering Can

Red watering can with a pretty yellow flower.

Man Watering Plants

A male gardener with a grey watering can.


Woman tending to the plants in her garden.

Lawn Mower

Animated lawnmower spitting out grass.

cute scarecrow

A common thing to see in gardens and on farms, a scarecrow.

Gardening Tools

A set of gardening tools required for yard work; a pot, spade and a watering can.


Another thing needed to keep a healthy garden or flowerbed, a long garden hose.


Small image of a man weeding the garden, look closely and you'll see he's surprised by the plant!

Yard work gloves and plant clippers

Gardening gloves and sheers.

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