Here's a beehive, or apiary, in a traditional shape. This is of course where the bumble bees live.

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Cartoon Bee

A very cute cartoon of a honeybee with adorably large eyes!

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Jar Of Honey

The reason bees are so popular with people around the world, honey! Here's a great image of a jar filled with this sweet, golden nectar and a honeycomb on the label.

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Honey Bee

Another cute, cartoon style image of a yellow bee with black stripes.

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wasp in flight

A small image of a bee hive with animated bees flying around.

flying around the bee hive

Wasps or bees buzzing around the hive.

bumble bee gathering nectar

Bumble bee at a flower gathering nectar.

bumble bee

Bumble bee

cartoon bee

Bumble bee cartoon.

cartoon bumble bee

Cartoon Bumble bee with huge eyes.

worker bee cartoon

Animated cartoon of a worker bee wearing a hat.

love bug cartoon

I'm not quite sure since it's hard to tell in this picture, but this little love bug could be a bee or wasp.

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