Plain Tree

A nice generic image of a leafy green tree,

leafless tree

and a similar one with it's branches showing.

Cartoon Tree

Simple cartoon one with circles representing the greenery.

Autumn Tree

Very colorful leaves on this Autumn tree and scattered on the ground around it.

Autumn Scene

Another beautiful Fall scene with leaves blowing in the Autumn winds.

Fruit Tree

A simple picture of a fruit tree.

Bare Tree

Animated image of a fruit tree going through the seasonal changes.


A generic, leafy green tree.

Fall Leaf

Maple leaf fallen during the Autumn.

Maple Leaves

A little pile of maples leaves in the many colors of autumn.


A stylized pine tree with nice highlights.

Autumn leaves

A small collection of colorful autumn leaves.

Autumn Leaves Background

This image of autumn leaves is a seamless background tile and is available as both a png and scalable vector graphic.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
light fallen leaves

Here's the same image as the last one but a bit lighter so it can work well behind text.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Windblown Leaves

A small breeze blowing a leave off the pile of a freshly raked pile of leaves.

Snowy tree

A snow covered tree in the winter.

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