valentine teddy bear

Brown teddy bear holding a huge heart shaped box of Valentine chocolates.

kitten holding a rose

Animation of a shy little kitten holding a rose a pink rose.

Cat making cut out hearts

White cat and a (I think) baby duck making Valentine's cards out of paper hearts.

love bear

Another image of a cute, smiling teddy bear holding a big red heart.

Squirrel Romance

Romance is blooming in this very cute picture of two squirrels in love, both holding a red heart between them.

Missing You -ooooo

Wolf howling "Missing You -ooooo".

Bear with heart filled basket

Teddy bear with a country basket filled with pink and red hearts.

Teddy bears - hugs and kisses

Two teddy bears holding Valentines cards.

Kitty's first crush

Two kittens in love, holding Valentine's cards.

Panda Valentine

Panda bear holding a Valentine that says "Love You Bunches! xo"

Animated rabbit with pink heart

Cute animation of a bunny with a pink "Love" heart.

Kitty and dog making Valentine's cards

Kitten and a puppy making home-made Valentines greetings.

Bear with Valentines candy

Teddy bear with a big heart shaped box of chocolates.

Bear with hearts on a string

Teddy bear holding a string of hearts that say "I Love You".

valentines mouse clipart

A cute little brown mouse being lifted away by a heart shaped balloon.

adorable bunny holding a valentine card

Adorable bunny leaning on a large Valentine card that says "Valentine, you are special".