victorian bride

Another Victorian bride, this one is set in an antique style oval frame

vintage victorian bride

This vintage clipart image shows a Victorian bride in a gorgeous, old fashioned (and very elaborate!) wedding gown.

modern bride and goom

A small picture of a modern bride and groom at the wedding reception.

bride and groom on stairs

A bride in a beautiful, flowing wedding dress and groom standing on the stairs gazing at each other romantically.

1920s bride and groom

A wedding with a 1920 feel.

bride and groom

Bride and groom exchanging their vows.

newlyweds kissing

Small animated clipart of a newly wedded bride and groom kissing their first married kiss


A bride ready for her wedding day

wedding garter

Black and white clipart of brides leg and garter.

African American bride and groom, animation

A small animated gif of a bride and groom running.


Animation of a groom kissing his bride.

newlyweds kissing

Newly wedded couple with big happy smiles!

just married car

Newly married couple driving away in a car with a "Just Married" sign and tin cans trailing behind attached by ribbons.

just married wheelchair

A groom in a wheelchair carrying away his new wife.

just married

Another couple leaving for their honeymoon.

Just wed

A new husband and wife leaving after the wedding in a red car.