black bride

Here's a lovely, minimalist image of a bride wearing a beautiful white wedding dress...

Download the zip for the vector graphic.
white bride

And a similar image as the last one with a light skinned bride.

Download the zip for the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic).
Bridal wish list

This funny cartoon shows a bride with a VERY long wish list.

Jewish Wedding ceremony

Jewish wedding ceremony with a Chuppah.

funny bride and groom cartoon

A cartoon of a very happy, newly wedded couple, or a couple soon to be married.

retro style wedding

This clipart of a bride and groom has a slightly retro, 1950's feel.

Jewish wedding ceremony

In this image of a Jewish wedding, the couple is under a Chupa breaking the glass at the end of the marriage ceremony.

brides and grooms

A light graphic of a bride and groom surrounded by a floral heart and ribbons.

bride and groom - kids

A charming image of children playing at being a bride and groom. This gif has a transparent background.

another bride and groom

This clipart shows a stylized bride and groom, the subtle gradient and floral edging are very beautiful! Could be used as the background to the invitations, or maybe the seating cards.

Looking for a vector version? Download the zip.
Wedding Sign

A very simple black and white sign, or icon, showing a minimal image of a bride and groom.

Download the zip file for the Vector image (SVG).
Groom in uniform

A cartoon of a fireman, policeman (or a guy in some uniform) carrying his bride.

the old ball and chain

Here's a funny cartoon of a groom realizing he now has a ball and chain attached to him.

Jewish Groom breaking glass

A Jewish groom at the end of his wedding smashing the glass.

Happy Couple

This cartoon shows a happy couple running off together to begin their new lives.

retro wedding

This retro, 1920's image of a stylish couple is minimal enough to fit with quite a few different styles.