Mother With Baby

A mother, or father elephant with her little baby calf walking by her side. (A bit of trivia, both male and female African elephants can have tusks, their relatives in Asia however only have tusks on the males.)

Girl Elephant

This cartoon shows a female elephant with painted toenails, a bow on her head and tail, and even a little bit of makeup!

Pregnant Elephant Cartoon

Here's a cute little cartoon of a pregnant elephant getting a prenatal check up from the doctor.


Bubbly cartoon style pastel elephant.


This is a bit different, it's a wooly mammoth... a not so distant relative.

circus elephant animation

Here's an animation of a circus elephant preforming while wearing a costume.


A funny cartoon of an elephant tripping on his trunk.

nonanimated graphic

A simple still image of a grey elephant.

worker elephant

Animated construction worker elephant lifting a large block of stone.


Another animation of an African or South Asian elephant, this one is waving his ears, perhaps in warning.

dancing elephant butts

Line dancers from behind :) (More trivia for you, a bunch of elephants is called a herd or parade.)

a very cute cartoon

This one's so cute, I love his little hat!

Cute Elephant

A cute and simple image of a girl elephant standing on her back legs, looking quite adorable.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.

This is a very small image of a blue elephant,

purple elephant

and a little purple one

slightly animated

This image is very lightly animated, just the tail wiggles.