Black Stallion with Stars

This beautiful silhouette of a black stallion galloping though the stars is available as a scalable vector graphic and large transparent png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Blackmith Shoeing Horse

A blacksmith fitting a beautiful brown horse with metal horseshoes.

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Another silhouette, this one of a polo player on horseback during the game.

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A jockey racing his powerful racehorse to the finish line.

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Here's a very cute cartoon of a friendly looking donkey or mule.

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Rocking Horse

A classic children's toy, a wooden rocking horse.

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Silver Horseshoe

Here's a shiny silver horseshoe, not just used for shoeing horse, these are also though to bring luck if hung with the ends facing up like in this graphic!

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Military Horse

A man wearing a decorative military uniform riding a brown horse.


A little brown foal taking his or her first steps, so cute!

Civil war soldiar on a white horse

This small piece of vintage clipart shows a general on horseback tipping his tricorn hat.

Cartoon pony

Cartoon of a brown horse or pony, prancing and lifting his (or her) front feet off the ground.

brown haired stallion

A small image of a brown stallion trotting.

horse drawn carriage

Victorian clipart of a couple in a carriage pulled very quickly by 2 horses.

Learning new tricks

Another Victorian graphic, this one of a horse trainer.

White stalion

This still image of white horse frozen with his mane and tail flowing expresses so much power!

Silhouetted buggy

Silhouette of an animated horse drawn buggy.


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