pregnant woman

This image of a side view of a pregnant woman's stomach with a tiny baby inside is available both as a large png and a vector graphic.

Download the zip for the SVG (scalable vector graphic) and full sized png.
mom to be

A small image of a happy mother-to-be.

pregnant, soon to be mother

Another small graphic of very pregnant woman, this one is wearing a t-shirt that says "Baby" on the front.

Busy stressed out Mom

Here's a funny cartoon of a busy, stressed out mom holding and feeding her baby while trying to keep the household in order.

Mom Holding Baby

This simple but very beautiful line drawing of a mother holding her baby is available both as a scalable vector graphic and a large png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Mother With Baby

Here's a beautiful graphic showing the love between a mom and her child.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
silhouette of pregnant woman

A silhouette showing the changes that happen to a woman's body during pregnancy.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Mother And Child

Here's another silhouette showing the tenderness of a mom and her child interacting, the decorative frame around it is very pretty. Might be nice to print for a craft project or a homemade greeting card!

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Happy Family

A happy family with a mother, father and a little baby girl.

Parents with child

And another family with a mom, dad and baby boy.

Cartoon of a Happy Family with Two Gay Dads

Since families are all different, here's a happy family with two dads and a baby. (If you're not ok the thought of two gay men with a child, then imagine this image is a father and the baby's uncle... don't email me to complain!)

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Gay Family with Two Lesbian Moms and a Baby

This cartoon shows a happy family with two moms and a new baby. (For anyone against gay marriage, again, imagine the image as two women taking care of a kid, instead of a lesbian couple with a child.)

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
dad and baby

Here's a very cute cartoon of a proud father holding his newborn son.

mom and newborn

A very happy mother holding a newborn baby.

Pregnant Animation

This cartoon is a bit different, it's an animation showing a very pregnant woman then flashing to show the baby inside.